Smallholder & Camelid Services

Tailored support, preventative healthcare and more for our smallholder clients, as well as herd health management, TB testing, routine procedures and more for camelids.

We pride ourselves on providing the same excellent service to all clients, no matter the size of their holding. 

Whether you’ve got a small flock of sheep or a few pet pigs or goats, our team can provide you with a full veterinary service tailored to your specific needs.


Support and community

Tailored support, community events, workshops and more


Preventative healthcare and husbandry

Our tailored health plans focus on prevention rather than cure.

Camelid Services

Our camelid service includes:

  • Full herd health management, nutritional advice, worm control, vaccination planning, foot trimming and routine procedures tailored to your individual needs.
  • 24-hour emergency care.
  • Management of TB, including testing and access to TBAS visits on behalf of the government.

If you need assistance with something not listed here, please get in touch for further advice and support.