Sheep Club and meetings

Open to everyone from pedigree smallholders to large commercial flocks and everything in between, our Sheep Club is a great way to spread your vet bills across the year and access useful benefits.

Membership to the club is tiered and based on hours of vet time, which can be used for flock health planning meetings or routine visits (e.g. blood sampling, scanning, resistance testing) across the year.

Some worm egg counts are included free of charge, dependent on your membership plan.

You will also receive a personalised parasite plan, bespoke advice from your allocated vet and SQP throughout the year, and priority access to sheep meetings and any promotional sampling.

Our regular sheep meetings are educational and open to all sheep clients interested in learning about efficiency and disease prevention and eradication, and usually take place in a local pub (with food provided!).

These are a great way to meet and learn from like-minded people, and hear from external speakers and our own vets. 

The topics covered include ewe nutrition, fluid therapy, liver fluke, lameness, worming and flock data analysis.

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