Health planning

 Red Tractor compliant health plans and welfare reviews for dairy, beef, sheep, smallholder, pigs and alpacas.

We understand the importance of a structured approach to livestock health, and can provide health plans for dairy, beef, sheep, backyard poultry, small holder pigs and alpacas. 

We regularly update our health plans to ensure that they continue to be Red Tractor compliant, and use individual farm data to update the plans annually. 

Our experience working with multiple milk buyers also means that we can alter our health plans to alter any additional requirements your herd may have.

The bespoke plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of a farm, and include: 

  • Biosecurity and vaccination protocols.
  • Infectious disease monitoring and prevention.
  • Parasite control plans.
  • Mastitis and lameness plans.
  • Pain relief protocols.
  • Management and husbandry procedures.
  • Medicines and antimicrobial review.
  • A health and performance review.