Infectious disease control advice

Preventing new diseases entering your farm or managing the impact of those already present is also vital for beef cattle performance. 

Our vets are qualified to advise on serious infectious diseases such as Johne’s disease, BVDV, salmonella, bovine TB, leptospirosis and IBR.

Biosecurity measures are the first line of defence when stopping the introduction of new diseases, and include the selection of low risk animals when restocking and isolation procedures on the farm. 

We can also discuss vaccination programmes and testing measures to identify disease risks with you.

Specific disease control plans can be designed for your unit in a vet-farmer consultation to develop the best plan to reduce the impact of these diseases on your farm.
Our vets are involved in TBAS (TB Advisory Service) and Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, and can offer government funded visits to help you combat the risk of TB infection in your area.