Optimising fertility is vital for the profitability and success of any suckler herd.

Our experienced team use portable ultrasound machines and goggles to enable quick and reliable scanning of suckler cows, wherever your handling system is located.

Our vets are knowledgeable in all areas of fertility, including genetics, nutrition, infectious disease and overall cow health.  

They are on hand to help with the analysis and benchmarking of the key performance figures of your beef herd fertility. 

Analysing the percentage of cows calving or mated, the percentage of cows calved in the first 21 days of the calving period and the calf crop percentage gives us a good understanding of herd performance, and enables us to target advice and efforts to maximise profits. 

Replacement heifer management and calf growth rates are also a vital part of ensuring efficient and profitable herd fertility.

We can assist with body condition scoring and pre-breeding heifer assessments to help you select the best possible replacements for your herd.