Bull fertility testing

We have years of experience in bull fertility testing and pre-breeding soundness examinations, and strongly recommend that all bulls are checked (including a semen evaluation) before the breeding season begins.

It’s very common to find infertile and sub-fertile bulls on a farm (including bulls that have previously had successful breeding seasons), and these bulls can severely limit the fertility performance of the herd.

With more herds using a restricted nine-week mating period, it’s becoming increasingly important to check bulls in advance to allow enough time for treatment or replacement.

The exam involves:

  • A general physical examination.
  • Measurement of scrotal circumference.
  • Examination of the prepuce and penis.
  • Assessment of a semen sample under the microscope.

Our kit is portable, but we require a safe handling system and power supply to run our microscope. We’re very happy to show you the results of our tests at your farm too!